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Updates for Drivers & Browsers

Please note that the Windows 95, 98, Millennium, and XP Service Pack 1 operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft. Installing these systems or changing the network settings for them runs the risk of making your computer inoperable. Your Internet technical support team will not be able to assist you making any changes or configuring your system due to the lack of support from Microsoft and the risk involved.

From here you can find information on how to do a number of common tasks, as well as get answers to frequently asked questions.

Updates for Drivers & Browsers

  • Internet Explorer & Outlook Express (Macintosh)
  • Internet Explorer & Outlook Express (Windows)
  • Windows users can also update Windows by clicking on their Start button, then Windows Update. This will take you to Microsoft’s Windows Update when site, where you can choose the latest security updates for Windows, as well as update Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
  • Netscape
    Some web sites do not support Netscape 6 yet. If this is a concern, use Netscape Communicator 4.77.
  • 3Com
    Ethernet adapter drivers.
    USB drivers for 3Com’s cable modems (do not install the USB drivers if you connect the cable modem to an ethernet adapter).
  • OvisLink
    Ethernet adapter drivers for OvisLink’s Realtek network cards.
  • RealTek
    Ethernet adapter drivers.

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